my ipod got its memory wiped and like, I’ve had this thing for around 5-6 years, I’ve been gathering up stuff over the years and now this bullshit happens?? I’m so pissed off, lots of what I had was from other people’s itunes, not just my own stuff. >T

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I meant to post this earlier, ahaha. Anyway, this is my Luxembourg OC! I know there’s a canon one but I’ve had this guy for so long that I can’t let go of him. Click the source link to see a more complete profile of him! ^^

 a gift for someone uvu

original http://fav.me/d7caee1


(btw when tagging aph characters, both canon and oc, tag ‘em like ‘aph (character’s name)’ in future, yeah? eg. tagging ‘aph america’ for an america picture, etc—)

chocolateloverbubble asked:
MELONSTYLE, I so so want to do an art trade with you in either DA or tumblr ;w; (And Korpiri is crushing me with right now. The OTP is taking over my life omg 0-0)

ahhh, art trades currently aren’t open atm. I have 3 others I need to finish before I can open slots again. XD;

But I’m happy to hear you like KorPiri! It’s always nice to see more people shipping my OTP~ ngl but I need to revive my love for them again sometime, omfg—

Okay, a rundown on this week

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I love this ship so much. TT^TT

-gasp- maybe I should draw an angsty korpiri where one of them dies—//slapped

just a quick recommendation to tag the characters as ‘aph philippines’ and ‘aph south korea’, just so it gets into the fandom stuff and not the country tag

either way THE OTP AAAHH<33

Anonymous asked:
Ey, captain Mel! I'm preeeeettty curious. Do you have OC's from diff. fandoms? Oh, and are you planning on doing other aph OC's in the future?

yeeaahh I have old Naruto and Pokemon and Hamtaro OCs that I don’t really use anymore and don’t plan on bringing them out again?

And atm my newest OC is my Chile, who I’m hoping to show in my gallery soon. And I have plans to make OCs of New Zealand cities, a Morocco OC and a Maldives OC. Otherwise the rest can be looked at here.

sheruns-free asked:
Oh no, I hope whatever is wrong with your stomach isn't too serious! You are having a bad run when it comes to health.

ikr? I’m starting to think the hospital thing is becoming an Autumn trend though—

a tale known as the ‘shitty saturday night’

just gonna copy and paste from my dA journal because laziness but here:


Okay so it was around uh… 10.30ish that I started to get bad pains in my stomach. They disappeared after a few minutes so I kinda thought it was nothing. But then about ten or so minutes later, the pain came back full force. It took up all of my focus and it felt like my stomach was burning? Either way, it was so painful that I was pretty much crying over it - it was kinda pathetic really, but there you go.

So even though mum got me medication, it was doing nothing for me really, so she said she could have me checked at the emergency doctor’s clinic, which was about a 15 minute drive? In any case, it turned out that they close at 11pm and so when we got there, it was already closed.

From there, mum drove me to hospital because it was kind of our last resort option. So we rocked up and I was all wibbly and shit - for the record, this entire week I’ve been having a bad cold, went through shark week for a few days and now this — healthwise my week has been totally shit. So I guess I was kinda pathetic trying to get myself signed in while mum parked the car. Seriously, I had the raspy voice and everything.

In any case, I was waiting and my stomach was painful but I didn’t want to sob over it because oh man, there were people younger than me waiting around and my pride refused it. But yeah eventually my turn came along and I went in and was made to change into the hospital gown and then I had to do blood tests and all that other fun stuff. And nah, I don’t wanna talk through all of my symptoms cuz it’s embarrassing (to me anyway). But basically I was lying around for ages and ages, got given a medication so my stomach at least died down from the feeling of ‘OH GOD MY STOMACH IS KILLING ME I AM DYING I AM SOBBING ON THE FLOOR’… and yeah to be honest I was really bored, thus I made the journal and was replying to messages here and there from my hospital bed, lol.

Either way it was after 3.30am that I was allowed to go - thank god it was nothing too bad… but if the problem persists, they told me to come back to hospital and that I might have to do an ultrasound or something. Let’s be honest: it was a shitty Saturday night. I’m sort of in the mood to keel over really. My stomach even now hurts a little but let’s hope I don’t end up sobbing throughout today. 8T

ok tbh guys i’m too lazy (and in a really bad mood) to keep copying and pasting your replies, reblogs would be more preferable and easier to keep track of responses?

Either way, I gotta put a stop to the insensitivity and idk how the tutors will respond to all this… cuz the other problem is the idea that I’d look like a tattletale as well as a buzzkill… and at this college, I kind of need to keep track of my social status and not be the hated person… because the way this college is, I gotta have something.

In other words, I have to find a way to stop them being ignorant, make them understand they’re being ignorant, but not have them think I’m the bad guy. And nobody likes being told that they’re being ignorant. It’s a really difficult situation I’m treading here, sigh.

I mean, if I was never going to work with these people again and it wasn’t a campus where basically everyone knows everyone (vaguely, it’s pretty small), then I wouldn’t give many fucks and I’d just ditch and not turn up and stuff… but in this situation, I’ve got to be there and not bitch about teams I’m being put in. The reality is that I’ve got to do some major problem solving here and a lot of things have to be considered here.

i wish i could shoot people’s brains and give them replacement ones tho.

adventvera16 said: These are those times that you really just want to…huhhhh….unfortunately, this mindset is quite common. Hopefully, the situation turns around for you here. Perhaps there might be an event official you can talk to about this?


shoot someone? Yeeeaaaahhh. I feel I’ve got to do something about this before the group either

A) realises their shit when it’s too late

B) goes on forever being ignorant and goes into the travel and tourism industry with this kind of stupidity

either way, it’s exactly the kind of college where this ignorance shouldn’t be happening in the first place and I feel like I’m the only one there who gives a damn.

askfelipinas said: //Damn! Maybe its not too late for you to switch groups. Looks like theyre too close minded to be tourism students anyway. yikes!


Nope, we were assigned them and well, how bad would it look to everyone if I actually insisted on a change of groups. And for all I know, maybe everyone else is being culturally insensitive too.

I wonder if I could get away with ‘being sick on the day’. I’d rather that than be a ninja in a team for Vietnam.

askfelipinas said: //OMG! I thought the whole “Asians are the same’ is just a common joke in stand up comedies. Its actually real!? Whoa. You better do something quick! Those guys are going to make a fool out of themselves! And theyre gonna drag you down with them!


Dude, it’s beyond real. It’s why you get these Asia Continent OCs that are way too based off China or Japan and ignore the rest of the continent. And yeeeeep, I have until next Friday to convince a bunch of people who I don’t really remember by face or name that dressing up as ninjas is going to make them all like total dumbasses. u____________u

I was even showing them the traditional clothing too, but they flat out ignored it! Bloody hell.

Okay I am really pissed off about this

So okay, I’m at a travel and tourism college and we’re doing a race event where everyone on campus is split up into teams and we’re assigned a country each. This country determines what our cultural dress-up theme is going to be and I’m assigned to a team with Vietnam.

To help us in our group discussion, I decided to use one of the campus computers to bring up images of what the traditional Vietnamese clothing is like. I’m in New Zealand, and we don’t exactly have easy access to anywhere that would sell Vietnamese clothing for a cheap price. So I try to gear people to maybe using the flag colours or something? Red with the yellow star, that’s not difficult to work with.

But then someone in my group goes ahead and says “we should dress up as ninjas!” And of course everyone’s all ‘omg’ cuz ninjas are considered to be ‘cool’.

But Ninjas are not Vietnamese. We’re supposed to dress to the culture of Vietnam and I’m telling the group “But ninjas are a Japanese thing. Japan and Vietnam are not the same.”

and they’re responding to me like “Asians all look the same to me”, “there’s not many differences between them” and I’m telling them that we can’t dress in a Japanese theme and that Japanese and Vietnamese culture are very different to one another, but they’re all stuck in their bubble of ‘ASIANS ARE ALL THE SAME! NINJAS ARE AWESOME OMG!’ and

for fuck’s sake, our group will look like a bunch of fuckwits if we’re going as Team Vietnam and we’re dressed as ninjas. I don’t want to go along if that’s how it’s going to be. I’d be embarrassed to be in a group that thinks Japan and Vietnam are the same.

And I don’t even know what the worst part is. I mean, one, these are people at a college for the travel and tourism industry. Of all the colleges, the people at this one should have a greater knowledge of countries and other cultures! And we’ve even been taught about respecting other cultures too!

And they were treating me like I’m some whiny asshole bitching out their AMAAAAAZIIIING idea… but I’m sorry that Japan and Vietnam are not the same country and that they have a different culture, religion, history and just, the overall vibe? That’s it, they are different, end of story?

If they want to dress as ninjas, they can save it for something else. But I need to get these people out of the mindset that all Asians are the same before we look like complete insensitive dumbasses who can’t even get the culture of a country right WHEN WE ARE AT A COLLEGE THAT INVOLVES KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD.

I am so done with people sometimes.