i’m sorry,but i really don’t like the fact that they made APH Philippines a girl and ship her with everyone



no don’t

before you lose your shit on me,i’m filipino myself,and it’s really annoying shipping her to everyone on Hetalia ,it’s kinda destroying everyone’s ship and they…

I don’t think it’s bad to make Philippines a girl - I have one and my first priority was not to make her a shipping sue. So I researched the hell out of my OC to make sure I knew how to accurately portray her as a fleshed out individual, rather than turning her into an object to pair with all the ‘hot males’ in APH. TBH I prefer the relationships to be purely platonic.

But tbh most of the complete and utter shipping sues are from the past anyway. Don’t worry, there’s quite a lot of people in the PH OC fandom who don’t pair their OC with everyone, and people actually doing their research with the relations - not all, but more than before. It’s the same for every country OC fandom though: Mexico, Czech Republic, Ireland, etc etc. All have their goodies and their baddies. o3o

But hey, I’m cool if you want Philippines to be male. Just don’t assume that everyone with a female Philippines OC is turning her into a special snowflake who’s loved by the entire world which revolves around her. Trust me, that idea bothers me too. That’s why I stick to just the one ship of mine which has research (history, foreign relations, etc) to back it up.

idk it’s a bit tiring seeing people complain about this stuff like it’s new, when it really isn’t. I’ve seen this complaint time and time again and yes, I do agree with you - the shipping sues are bad. But if you look harder, you can find the gems.

mmmanchovies said: Mel is the coolest banana in the whole fricken universe. Am I right? :)


you also missed the memo too yay

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Time to spread my looooovvveee to you by KORPIRI~ //not chocolateloverbubble.

yes of course not chocolateloverbubble lmao



South Korea loves to play with Philippines hair when they cuddle.



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Hello!! Do you think the first name 'Malaya' would work for a Philippines OC?

if it’s a name used in the Philippines, I don’t see why not. I looked up the name and the result I got was that it means ‘free’? I think that would be a neat name for a Philippines to take on once she got her independence (properly anyways?)

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9.23pm here, Tuesday. NZ’s ahead of most people so—

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*Stalking you from Deviantart because I can XD* /Slapped. Oh, you may not know but this is lxpresa. How are you? :D

lmao I’m doing ok, I guess? I’m hungry and trying to stop myself procrastinating


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Tell me about Romano/Taiwan and in some au that they would fit in >:}

omg i got 4 asks saying exactly this.

I’m too lazy to be imaginative so I’ll just talk about when I RPed Romano/Taiwan in an AU at an RP group.

This was a Pokemon AU in which the APH characters went to a boarding school that taught kids how to be Pokemon Trainers, Breeders, Co-ordinators, Researchers, etc. Taiwan was studying as a breeder and my Romano was trying to be a Pokemon trainer, but he wasn’t very good.

At first he had a crush on Belgium, so when he and Taiwan met, it started out platonic. But Romano kept getting hella shy around Belgium, while with Taiwan he could be himself a lot more easily. When Belgium rejected him, he was quite a bit heartbroken.

Then there was a ‘school trip’ to the Seafoam Islands and we had this event where the students could try and get a sighting of Articuno. So Romano and Taiwan among others went along and he found himself sticking a lot more closely to Taiwan. They just kept getting on really well and Romano was able to be himself and joke around and have good conversations with Taiwan. And yes, the group got to sight Articuno and Romano managed to find an Articuno feather which he ended up gifting Taiwan.

In the AU, Norway was also taking interest in Taiwan and so Norway and Romano started up a big rivalry over her, bahaha. So they challenged each other a lot, which was an interesting dynamic actually. Good fun. But yes, there were lots of moments of Romano and Taiwan bonding over their Pokemon, and Romano bought gifts and stuff for her a lot whenever the students went on school trips. Heck, Romano received a Swablu egg and when it hatched, Romano and Taiwan were present and the Swablu decided they were its parents, omg. <3 Oh yeah, the pair even went to a Pokemon Summer Festival together, which led to this fanart:

Some of the Pokemon related accessories were things that they bought at the festival. They each have their Articuno feathers back from the Seafoam Islands event though. But the Pokemon were each Pokemon they either liked or owned. Taiwan had the Psyduck but Romano formed a close bond with her Psyduck, lmao. And yes, Romano’s starter was a Totodile who had a habit of chomping him, lmao—

But yeah, over the months, Romano and Taiwan kept bonding and eventually he asked her out. At first Taiwan got all mega shy and said she’ll give him an answer later and kind of fled in embarrassment, which Romano took as ‘OH GOD SHE WANTS TO REJECT ME BUT DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO SAY IT’. But then more hijinks, the pair tripping into a fountain and finally she gave him an answer. Yes, while they were in the fountain all soaking wet, lmao. And so hurrah, they became a thing and they were that really cute but kinda awkward teenage couple and AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH MY BABIES

anyway, that’s me rambling off the AU that included RomTai. This was a group MSN RP that I used to moderate over actually, ahaha.

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The rudest thing someone has called you?

idk, a cunt? I haven’t really had people call me rude names often, lmao. Why, are you hoping to one-up them with something ruder?//bricked

Goddamn. My main APH NOTP HKPH is a NOTP because of their irl relations and history with one another. But it seems that every person I’ve spoken to who ships it turns out to be rude and volatile and it’s like

they just aren’t doing themselves any favours?? It’s such a shame, really. I mean, I have other APH NOTPs, but I’ve met people who ship them who are actually lovely people to talk to and there’s no harm between us.

Sigh. Heavy sigh.

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Pfftch, silly cheesecake should be something I draw in the new future. <3

submit it to me when you do, darling <3

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(Situation sounds really really weird, but the rp group's had to roll with it because of weird history/time issues and plenty of stuff happening before we really started plots)


i mean that in a lighthearted way, i s2g

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I think I might have forgotten anon on the last one. Oops.

no, you remembered, lmao

otherwise i’d call you out on it with a weird sense of glee

idk i find it funny when people forget to go anon

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Now she’s a more or less retired representative stuck on an island lost in time (long, long, story), married happily to a certain non-fandom OC (a very close friend’s. Probably going to die. );) and living with a happy family and good friends (well, her closeness to the Pirate!England is questionable.) She’s a favourite OC to roleplay for me, since she can keep up a job as a doctor, cook wicked good meals, and maintain a house– despite how fickle, proud, timid, irritable, or vain she might get.

Okay yeah um, so long as it’s clear that it’s RP only and all, cuz IDK about marrying off a country to a random character, pfff. So long as you’ve had your fun though, right? c: